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Tethered Closures

Husky has introduced a variety of new tethered closure designs that comply with European legislation concerning Single-Use-Plastic containers with volumes3L. Different neck finishes require different tethering solutions. There is not a one size fits all solution. The neck height, support ledge diameter, brand position, all contribute to a unique requirement.

Two Fundamental Approaches

Two fundamental neck finish types exist.
Your beverage type and the positioning of your brand will determine the most suitable tethering approach to use.

threaded neck

Threaded Neck

Standard & premium tethering approaches compatible with ALL beverage types

snap neck

Snap Neck

Single hand operation Suitable for still water

Design Intent & Features

Fully compatible with industry standard neck finishes,
these new closures have been developed with the following design intent and features in mind:





Fully Compatible

Industry neck standards

180 degrees

True 180°

Shell Locking


Same performance

As non-tethered variants


Weight Neutrality



Integrated Hinge

Promotes Brand Differentiation



Europe SUP Legislation

molded-in bridge

Molded-In Bridge

Ready for Capping Line.
No Secondary Operations Required

intuitive operation

Intuitive Operation

Nothing can impact a brand faster than a negative consumer experience. Most tethered closure concepts require the consumer to manipulate the cap after opening. By contrast, Husky’s premium tethered designs make intuitive operation a priority thereby enhancing the consumer experience. An integrated hinge locks the shell in place with one fluid motion. Audible and tactile cues provide feedback to the user when the shell is locked. An innovative integrated cam design ensures a fluid closing motion guiding the shell directly into the neck thread.

Enhance Your Brand

Like our non-tethered approach Husky has a dynamic portfolio of tethered solutions compatible with industry standard neck finishes.

Which one to use for your specific application depends upon a variety of factors including (but not limited to):
Beverage type | Intended brand positioning | Neck finish


Contact us to learn how our tethered options
can enhance your brand.

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