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Pro-Act service and Husky Systems

Introducing proactive maintenance program

Pro–Act™ is a contract–based program focused on improving and sustaining overall operational effectiveness (OEE) over time. The program is based on a proactive, as opposed to reactive, maintenance model. It is designed to ensure high–level performance and improve OEE by mitigating unplanned downtime risks.
You can chose from an entry-level solution based on regular visit of a Husky Service Engineer on site focused on equipment tuning, calibration and overall equipment assessment, to a more comprehensive solution consisting of proactive schedule-based refurbishment and full parts coverage.



  • 24/7 Proactive monitoring and 'We Call You' Interventions
  • Connectivity / Client Interface
  • All Service Support required to deliver 'Commitment Maintained'
    • Training/Mentoring
    • Essential Parts Kits / Troubleshooting Tools
    • Pro-Act™
    • Extended Warranty

Customer Value:

  • Comprehensive service partnership
  • Shared goal alignment
  • Weekly customer review meetings
  • Commitment Maintained

NEW Pro-Act™ Program

System approach NEW

Expanded scope NEW

Tailor made program

Additional benefits for 3-year agreement

NEW Comprehensive solution available “Productivity Management”:

Schedule-based refurbishment parts program ensure equipment productivity and reliability is sustained over time

Extended parts coverage at fixed price fixed budget for spare parts, peace of mind, one transaction per year.

Why proactive maintenance?

  • Proactive approach, opposite to reactive, contributes to minimize equipment OEE degradation and then to sustain operational profitability of your Husky equipment over time
  • Pro–Act™ program provides the expertise of our service team for specific tasks such as calibration, tuning and geometry correction that require a dedicated level of expertise as complement to preventive tasks executed by your maintenance team. This support will help optimizing system productivity and prevent premature wear of key system components.
  • Schedule-based refurbishment package helps you budgeting the required maintenance costs year over year while minimize operational risks and benefit of loyalty conditions.

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